“Cadaverine” is the debut novel by Holly Jurbergs, a writer with a love of forensic science.

Amy Williams, a chemist at Balcones Pharmaceuticals, is overworked, underpaid, and bullied by her boss. She receives a bizarre letter from a stalker at work with just four words: “I’m watching you, Amy.”

A killer with a secret obsession is unraveling.

Kate Vaughn lands her dream job as a DNA analyst at the Austin Crime Lab, but her first crime scene is a nightmare, a brutal stabbing of a young woman with a secret life. Autopsy results reveal a new date rape drug in the victim’s blood. When a young mother is kidnapped, the stakes of the murder investigation are raised. Kate and the crime lab must unravel the forensic threads that connect a violent road rage incident and two other murders before another woman is killed.